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    Cork Rheumatology

    Provides accurate and reliable information on arthritis and musculoskeletal disorders.

Dr. Len Harty - Rheumatologist

Dr. Harty completed undergraduate medical education in UCD in 2005 followed by higher specialist training in rheumatology and general internal medicine with the RCPI. He was awarded a EULAR postgraduate certificate in rheumatology in 2010. He was awarded a PhD by UCD in 2012 for his thesis on the therapy and research of rheumatoid arthritis and spondyloarthritis and he subsequently undertook a 2 year tenure as an on honorary consultant in the Department of Vasculitis and Lupus in Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge.

Costs of Visits And Duration

  • Likely cost for attending private rheumatologist: Inflammatory arthritis patients will usually require 3-4 visits in the 1st year and 1-2 per year thereafter once in remission.
  • Most osteoarthritis patients require only 1 consultation but are welcome to return as needed.
  • Most Osteoporosis patients require only 1 consultation but those on PTH injections will need to attend twice per year.